How To Schedule Your Day And Diet Like Masterchef's Matt Preston

Blanket advertising means you're probably aware that TV cooking contest MasterChef returns to Channel 10 this Sunday night. But if you're a judge on the show, how can you organise your own daily meals? Matt Preston reveals his sometimes porridge/sometimes bacon diet.

Our sibling site PopSugar chatted with the eternally-cravat-wearing Preston this morning, and he explained his daily routine:

I get up, have a cup of tea with strong skim milk. It depends what sort of morning it is. If I’m in a good, virtuous mood, I’ll have some porridge and fresh fruit. If I’m in a really bad mood it would probably be a couple of poached eggs and a bit of bacon. Then during the day, ginger tea is on set during the day. If the boys are doing a challenge where they’re required then I might nip off and make some snacks for them. I might make some salad — we’ve got the pantry to our disposal, which is great. I might make some Lap Cheong Chinese sausage with fresh cucumber and salty peanuts. There’s normally lunch and we might have some of that, depending on what it is. There’s Mexican Day, Japanese Day or Hamburger Day [laughs]. That’s probably three days out of a 20-day work cycle. We’ll taste a mouthful of everyone’s dish after they’ve finished cooking while it’s still hot. Then we’ll do the tasting and that’s another couple of spoonfuls. In the evening, if I go home it might be something really nerdy like cabbage and peas with a bit of grated parmesan or fetta on top. If I’m going the other way it will be out to dinner at somewhere like Ms. G’s, Gardel’s Bar or Honeycomb.

Good to see that salads are making a regular appearance. Hit the full interview for more insights into the upcoming season.

Matt Preston Interview on Changes to MasterChef 2012, Jamie Oliver and His Day on a Plate [PopSugar]


    Errmm... And Diet Like Masterchef’s Matt Preston,

    Next week: The King of Tonga Diet...

    ...healthy looking chap isn't he.

    This schedule wouldn't really work with my employer or colleagues. I would also suggest Mr Preston should look at improving his quality of sleep as he appears to be frequently waking up in a bad mood.

    I'd rather follow a biggest loser diet.

    Is it April 1st - Matt Preston is the last person I would be getting diet tips from!

    This is a part of the blanket advertising isn't it

    why would i want to be a fat retard

    This is not a schedule, and not a diet - just some fat cat with a crevat - and more blanket advertising.

    Shit, I mean seriously - does this site get paid for referred ads to sister sites with different audiences and extremely loosely related content to this site for ad revenue dollars?

    Did the Masterchef marketing beast ask you to spam your site networks???

      Who cares if this was a paid-for post or not? The site has to monetise somehow and pay its staff with something.

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