Make Porridge Overnight In A Rockmelon And Wake Up To An Easy Breakfast 

Make Oatmeal Overnight in a Cantaloupe and Wake Up to a Super Easy Breakfast

In this breakfast upgrade, porridge cooks itself overnight and a hallowed-out rockmelon serves as the bowl.

Add equal parts oats and liquid to the "bowl", let sit in the fridge overnight, and in the morning add the melon balls and other toppings. Besides not having to rush to make your breakfast, you don't have any bowls to clean up.

Having your breakfast cook itself overnight is about as easy as it gets. You could also make a week's worth of steel-cut porridge in five minutes if you're extremely short on time in the mornings.

4 Breakfast Hacks That Will Jumpstart Your Morning [Brit + Co]


    That's no' how y' make porridge

    One of those lifehacks which both induces and resembles vomit.

    Well done. ⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Last edited 02/11/15 7:28 pm

    Hallowed out? Seriously who writes this crap and doesn't proof read it.

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