How To Ruin 3G Service By Cutting A Cable

An accidentally-slashed fibre optic cable in Melbourne cut off 1,000 phone lines and 7,000 Internet services for more than a day last week. But that's not all: it also rendered 20 Next G base stations useless, reminding us that wireless services do not in fact exist in a cable-free vacuum.

Telstra blogged about the incident to remind everyone to utilise the Dial Before You Dig site before going mad with a backhoe, since it's much easier to not cut through a cable than to fix it afterwards. Worthy advice, that. But it's also a reminder that mobile phones still rely on cabled connections, even if we don't actually see them, a point that often gets lost in heated debates over the National Broadband Network (NBN) and the worthiness of fibre. We use them both, and we need them both.

One telephone call or 8000 inconvenienced customers? [Telstra Exchange]


    How about you proof read?

    "An accidentally-slashed fibre optic cable in Melbourne last cut off 1,000 phone lines and 7,000 Internet services for more than a day last week"
    I think that first last is out of place?

    "made with a backhoe"
    Making things with a backhoe? Must be good backhoe driver.

    "Worthy advice, that."
    To, much. punctuation.

      Thanks for the spots, fixed now. (I disagree on the punctuation though.)

      *too :-) FTFY

      Must be a good backhoe *operator.

    Some mobile towers (in country areas especially) have microwave links used as backup should the fibre path be unavailable.

      Some do but they do not have enough bandwidth for anything but call/SMS.

        Microwave link's "CAN" do alot more than just call/SMS, but they still require fibre backhaul to where the microwave link originates.
        Most of Voda's transmission is microwave, how's that work for them?\
        Microwave is also not as reliable as fibre...

    I work for Telstra l

      I work for Telstra, and my comments are of my own and not the view of Telstra.

        You're fired.

    Where is the lifehacker tips on how to get the most out of your cut fibre cable? Which fibres are best to cut, and which ones are suitable for christmas tree lights?

      *Adam G likes this*

    too bad the DBYD service is innacurate anyway (at least for telstra).

      OTOH, you have a perfectly valid excuse when the lolyers come asking for you to pay damages.

    Hmmmm.... I know there was a 'market' for 'unwanted' copper, I didn't realise that there was a similar 'market' for 'fibre'.

    I can see the face of the guy on the gate at Simmonds Metal when you arrive with a trailer load of Fibre!

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