113% Of Australians Own Mobile Services

113% Of Australians Own Mobile Services
MobileExampleSo it’s not just 3G mobile broadband we’re addicted to: new figures suggest that the Australian love affair with mobile phones (and associated services) shows no sign of waning.

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According to research firm Telsyte, more than a million new mobile users signed up in the first half of 2009, meaning that there’s now 24.5 million mobile accounts, or enough to cover 113% of the Australian population. As well as the surge in mobile broadband, Telstra credits some of that growth to the entrance of Woolworths into the mobile market, along with the appearance of the iPhone 3GS. Telsyste estimates that a third of the typical mobile bill is for non-voice services, meaning we’re all texting and surfing a lot.


    • Most people who buy phones buy them because they have the latest features: 3G, video streaming, etc. An older phone might not have that feature.

      And then there’s battery life… by the time a phone is a year or two old, it’s usually in need of a new battery. And those sometimes cost more than the phone.

      The second-hand ‘market’ is strong, but usually no cash changes hands. My Dad gets a new phone for business every year, and everybody else in my family doesn’t need to buy mobile phones, they get hand-me-downs.

  • I keep my personal and professional numbers seperate. Every time I get a phone with a thrown in sim card I just call and ask that one to be made into a pre-paid, and only top up when i need it.(i actually have about 5 numbers, all up because of this. It helps if I meet people i only want to talk to once or twice)

    I have a krazr with my professional number in it. It’s small, and sleek and doesn’t look as ancient as it is. I use pen and paper for notes and appointment settings so I don’t need apps on my professional phone, they are ultimately just digital toys.

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