Lifehacker Meetups Are Back!

We staged some great Lifehacker reader meetups last year, and everyone has been asking if they'll happen again. And the answer is YES! Thanks once again to the Windows Azure team at Microsoft, we're offering our readers with a developer bent the chance to socialise, drink beer, take part in trivia and win some cool prizes.

We'll be staging meetups in four cities this time around:

  • Brisbane on Tuesday June 5
  • Sydney on Wednesday June 6
  • Melbourne on Tuesday June 12
  • Perth on Wednesday June 13

We'll be meeting after work (around 6pm) at pubs in or close to the CBD in each city. There'll be drinks and snacks, geek trivia to stretch your brain, the opportunity to network and the chance to win awesome prizes, both as individuals and in geek trivia teams. (We'll tell you more about the prizes very soon.)

OK, how do I sign up?

For these events, we're looking to Lifehacker's developer readers: we want this to be an event where you can network with your peers. To sign up, just fill out the form at the end of this post. In the Geek Chops field, give us a URL that shows your prowess/interest in development. That could be a LinkedIn profile, a project you've worked on, your posts to a major development discussion board, or anything else that shows you're cool with the code. The first 25 qualifying readers in each city will be signed up (though we'll also put a handful of people on waitlists because, as we know, stuff happens sometimes.) We'll contact you by email with venue details if you're successful. If you've got any general questions, ask in the comments.

But wait, there's more!

If you're not in those cities, not free on those dates or just getting started with development, don't panic! We'll also be running a big competition here on Lifehacker with four Nokia Windows Phone 7 smartphones to give away. Stay tuned for more details soon.

Get started with Windows Azure by signing up for a free trial here.


    I'd consider going if there were an Adelaide event...

      me too.. but as usual, we miss out. Maybe they don't like us for having smaller pints?

        Last year, there were lots of complaints from Perth residents, and this year we're doing Perth :) So we'll definitely keep Adelaide in mind for future stuff.

    "There was a problem with your submission. Errors have been highlighted below"
    ... But nothing is highlighted, and I can't seem to submit the form... :(

    I'm interested in the June 6th Sydney event.
    Geek Chops:
    Email: (entered as part of this post)

    Tried to submit the form in both FF11, and Chrome 16.0.912.75, but got the same error. I'm running lubuntu 11.10.

      I got an even better one: "This field requires an unique entry and 'Perth (June 13)' has already been used".
      I guess they decided one lifehacker reader per event is enough.

      (FF12 on ubuntu 11.04 here)

    "This field requires an unique entry and 'Brisbane (June 5)' has already been used"
    That an error in the form, or a round about way of saying you've got 25 submissions?

      Error in the form. (Slaps self around developer chops.) Getting it fixed right now.

        The form is now fixed. A useful reminder of two important developer principles: you need to test the living daylights out of everything, and there is always one more bug.

    Can we have a meet-up for the plebs who don't develop? I'd travel to Adelaide for that one too :)

    Did anyone else see the title out of the corner of their eye, and think it said 'Lifehacker Muppets are Back'?

    No? Just me :/

      Haha yeah...i was thinking another muppet movie, what does that have to do with lh?

    Would love to come to the Sydney event but I've already got tickets to Prometheus at the IMAX. Definitely will keep on the lookout for the next event.

    On a weekday? Is it after work? Why only 25 people?

      Yep, post-work. Re the numbers: budget and venue considerations, nothing complicated.

      The size of the venue last time (Sydney @ The White Horse) is the photo at the header of this post (you can even see me in all my dreadlocked glory!) - so 25 is a reasonable number. It worked very well last time!

    Despite being a tech bloggie, my developer chops are a little weak. Aside from 1 app on the wp7 marketplace which I literally only did 10% of the work, and obviously my website. Does that counts? :P

    When do we find out if we're successful?

      We're letting people know today.

        No invite in my inbox, so guess I missed out then. I thought writing 3 tech books would be enough developer chops to get an invite. :( Hope you all have fun! though!

          OK, just got my invite now. Yay! :)

    I submitted for the Brisbane meetup. Not sure if my dev chops are up to scratch (Games). No harm in trying.

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