If Your Flight Has Been Cancelled You Should Still Go Through Security Screening

You’ve checked in online and printed out your boarding pass. You arrive at the airport to find that your flight has been cancelled or severely delayed. Don’t panic. Rather than lining up at your airline’s check-in counter for answers, going through the security screening process may be your best option.

Over on Quora, frequent flyer Kristoph Cichocki-Romanov said lining up at the check-in counter for further instructions is not something he’d recommend since the lines would be extremely long given the circumstances. Calling the airline’s service desk or your travel agent would prove futile as well:

Instead, go through security – your boarding pass will still be good even if your fight has been cancelled – and speak to an airline staff member at a gate or, better yet, to a person in your airline’s lounge (if you’re fortunate enough to have access).

Cichocki-Romanov recounted the last time his flight was cancelled and he used this method to great effect:

The very nice and helpful person directed me to the premium check-in line which, they apologetically admitted, would probably take 30 – 45 minutes or so. (That line had 16 people, the economy line had at least a hundred. )

Instead I cleared security, walked over to the gate where my (now cancelled ) plane was to leave, spoke to a gate agent, and was on a different plane less then 30 minutes later. I arrived only a few hours later then I originally intended.

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