Which Bits Of Google Drive Come From Australia?

Google Drive launched yesterday, which was a public holiday for everyone in Australia. Chances are that a lot of Google's Sydney development team were nonetheless crammed into the Google's Aussie HQ, since a fair few of the key features in Google Drive were built down under.

Picture by Google Australia Blog

Google's Australian blog outlines some of the features for Google Drive which were constructed by the Sydney development team, including:

Hit the team blog post for further details. Google isn't always so forthcoming when discussing who works on what. When we asked if bits of Google Wave built in Sydney had resurfaced in Google Docs, we got a rather more vague answer.

Built in Sydney: Google Drive [Google Australia Blog]


    I hope everyone is aware of the Google Drive Terms of Service. Unlike Dropbox and Microsoft Skydrive, Google claims ownership of your files and the rights to them: http://www.zdnet.com/blog/btl/how-far-do-google-drives-terms-go-in-owning-your-files/75228

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