Has Wave Survived In Google Docs For Android?

When Google Docs added real-time collaboration features to Google Docs for Android last week, we were immediately struck by something: the collaboration options were rather reminiscent of the late, lamented Google Wave. Is this how Wave has survived in the wider world?

Google has always said it intended Wave features to be used in other applications, and the latest enhancements, like Wave itself, were built by Google's Sydney team. When we asked a local Google spokesperson whether what was in Docs was descended from Wave, we got this not-quite-committed response:

Wave technology is used in a lot of Docs applications. Real-time typing (seeing other people type real time in your doc) is a good example of Wave technology.

We'll take that as a cautious "yes", then.


    I always thought that was the most useful bit of Wave, and was the reason I used Etherpad too (which Google also bought?). Glad to see it has made its way in to Docs (which I don't use much anymore because it's so damned slow on a Netbook, even with every Chrome tweak)

    Hangon... Hangon...
    Hasn't Google Docs had this for years...? It was first implemented with around 30s polling times... so not quite real-time... but I swear it was more or less real time well before Wave came along =\

    Was always amused by the boasting about real time typing - sounds just like that oh so modern inverntion the telex.

    I don't thk so Wave has survived. With new entrants like CollateBox http://www.collatebox.com/having such good sharing features I think wave has to be revamped.

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