Google Drive For iOS Offers Offline Editing

Google Drive For iOS Offers Offline Editing

iOS: Google Drive, Google’s Dropbox-like competitor, acquired native clients for iOS today, which allow you to view documents in full screen on your iPhone or iPad, and edit Google Docs offline while you work.

The Google Drive app gives you access to your files stored in your Google Drive folder, and all of your documents stored in Google Docs, and you can now do that natively on iOS devices. Best of all, if you’re working on a document offline, you can continue working in your document and your changes will be synchronised as soon as you come back online.

Offline editing for Google Docs is available right now. Google also launched a Google Drive client for Chrome OS, though that’s of less interest in Australia where we still haven’t seen any official Chromebook launches.

Google Docs and Google Drive are already available for the Web, Windows and Mac and Android. You can pick up the native Google Drive client for iOS at the link below.

Google Drive [iTunes App Store]


  • If you chose Open in Safari, then you can edit google documents (in Safari).

    The right arrow next to documents allows you to specify if you want it cached on your iOS device (offline), and makes it easy to share documents/folers with colleagues at work and even others outside your gmail group too.
    It solves one of my few annoyances with dropbox, you can now search the contents of all your docs (full text search).

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