Repurpose Two-Litre Soft Drink Bottles Into A Broom

If you've just moved into a new place and don't have a broom yet or are camping you can create a basic broom using three bottles, a pair of scissors and a dowel.

Permaculture weblog Permaculture Ideas shares this method used in some third-world areas. Take a 2L soft drink bottle, remove the label and cut off the bottom. Use a pair of scissors to make 1.2cm strips most of the way up the length of the bottle and remove the neck of the bottle with scissors. Do the same thing again, except leave the neck on this one.

Finally, cut a bottle about 10cm from the top. To assemble the broom slide the bottle with the neck left on to the wooden dowel, then slide the bottle without a neck on top of that, and finally the bottle top. Drill a small hole through all layers and run a wire or string from the bottom layer through the hole and around the broom. This will help keep the broom from coming apart.

Recycled Bottle Broom [Permaculture Ideas]


    Looking at bunnings today, would be cheaper to buy a broom then a stick of dowl and 3 soft drinks ;)

    I think it says something that these third-world areas have a steady supply of soft drink but none of brooms

    What ? So.. "Marcrmae plant hanger out of plastic shopping bags" next ? ....

    I don't have a broom but I have a piece of dowel?

      maybe your broom broke?

    In place of a dowel instead use tree branch. For plastic bottles if you don't have replace instead with long strands of grass. Still use scissors to cut of course. If you don't have scissors use your teeth.

    Is it just me, or is LH getting more and more desperate for articles. Specially on the weekend. This is another sad entry.

    The article may have been poor but the comments made it worth reading. Content is content!

      Oh I disagree, comments aside, this post is just nonsense. It's one thing to trawl for interesting content, it's another to settle for dross like this..!

    Um - I like this article. Yes it is cheaper, easier etc to simply BUY a broom, but think of the reduction in waste. By making a broom (using dowel, a stick, an old curtain rod, etc), I have reused three bottles (reusing tends to be more environmentally friendly than recycling), and not purchased another plastic item.

    Id be interested to hear how stiff these bristles are - I need a good stiff brush for the outdoor area. Might give it a bash.

    I might be crazy.. but I thought this article was good in a sense. It serves as a reminder that rudimentary tools that we expect to have in everday life may not always be available when needed; and in such cases, there are temporary replacements that can be creatively made from the odd bits and pieces one may have lying around.

    As for the comments on third world countries that obviously have a shortage of brooms, but no soft drink. It just may be more a reference to recycling. There are poor people, even in developed countries who may not have the money to go into a store and buy a broom, but could easily find some empty bottles (perhaps asking friends, or in third world countries, the rubbish of others).

    Though, if this article would have had more items that one could make, I think it would have been more worthwile.

    I do apologize if I made any mistakes in my post, I'm quite tired and honestly can't be bothered reading over what I'm typing.

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