Make Safety Goggles From A Soft Drink Bottle

Need a pair of safety goggles for your next DIY project? Make has a simple way to create some out of a used soft drink bottle and an elastic band. Here's what you'll need.

  • An empty, washed two-litre soft drink bottle
  • An elastic band
  • A pair of scissors
  • A permanent marker

All you have to do is cut off the top and bottom of the bottle, then cut through the remaining plastic to turn it into a single plastic sheet. Then hold the plastic sheet around your face and draw the goggles with a plastic marker. Cut them out, attach the elastic band to both sides and you're done. For more in-depth instructions and additional photos, hit up the full post over at Make.

Soda Bottle Safety Goggles [Make : Projects]


    Really? I just did a 2 second search and found goggles for 88c. Slow news day at lifehacker?

      Agreed, just pay $5-10 for a cheap pair at Big W that are shatter resistent and have proper side shields.

      Why you would compromise on safety (when it is so cheap) is beyond me.

    I like the image of seeing someone cut themselves on their face from their el cheapo 'safety' goggles.

    Wow. That's some really bad advice right there. I'd go so far to say that's dangerous. Do NOT do this. If you need safety goggles, get some. Do not make some out of an old soft drink bottle.


      Will you be suing Coke after the acid hits you in the face and you yell "My eyes...the goggles do nothing!"

    It's probably wise to wear a pair of safety goggles when you attempt this.

    what next? sunglasses from a black plastic bottle? make your own sunscreen? not sure what spf it will be but hey you made it yourself.

      Make your own motorbike helmet. All you need is an old bucket and a pair of scissors.

      This post is unbelievably irresponsible. Safety glasses are cheap and easy to replace. You only get two eyes though.

    What an annoyance having to make your own. Just close your eyes man!

    Za Goggles, Zey do nuthing.

      ...and there is the post I was hoping for

      This has got to be the number one misquoted Simpsons line. He actually says "My eyes, the goggles do nothing!"

    This is easily one of the dumbest things I have ever seen on lifehacker.

    Its not even April Fools.

    Thanks Lifehacker!
    I got some great lulz out of this article and just when I thought that was it, the comments provided some more! Delightful :)

    I have been seeing some really stupid suggestions come from Lifehacker US staff, but this tops the cake. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. For Australian readers make sure your glasses comply with AS 1337 Eye protectors for industrial applications. And use the most appropriate for the task at hand, i.e. some tasks require a full face shield, etc... Compliant safety glasses are cheap.

    Good luck getting compensation of Work Cover of any kind by knowingly using crap instead of paying $5 for actual safety glasses that have been made to a recognised standard.

    Srlsly ..... Just how important is your eyesight to your way of life ??!?!?!!?
    Worth few measly $$$ for REAL safety glasses... that may just save your life.

    Some problems in life have already been solved. Cheap quality safety glasses is one of them.
    No need to invent half-arsed solution that are dangerous and negligent.

    I think this is a troll post, it can not be real.

    If you use these as googles, they will provide no better protection than these:

    Proper goggles are these:

    Reading this story make me feel like my fellow lifehacker gogglers in this pic:

    Negligent, negligent, negligent...

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