Quickflix Adding 3000 Streaming Viewers A Month

Quickflix Adding 3000 Streaming Viewers A Month

Back in January, Quickflix had around 10,000 customers on its WatchNow streaming service. Three months later, that number has risen to above 20,000 — an impressive growth pattern, but still a long way from turning it into a Netflix-like dominant provider.

In its latest update to the Australian Stock Exchange, Quickflix said it has 107,520 paying subscribers, and that “almost 20 per cent” are including WatchNow as part of their package. It also hinted at a major expansion from its current delivery platforms of computers, PS3s and Sony Bravia TVs:

Quickflix continues to expand its distribution network for its digital service with Australia & New Zealand’s many iPad and iPhone owners soon also being introduced to unlimited streaming of movies and TV series. Quickflix will also launch on Panasonic Viera TV’s and Samsung Smart TVs, Galaxy Tab and smartphones over the coming weeks. Further major device platform and content deals are expected to be announced in the coming quarter.


  • I tried their trial period and realized that my Sony Blue Ray gets the same shows and only charges when you hire a movie. Quickflix wants you to pay x amount per month regardless of if you hire in that month. I regularly go two or even three months without hiring when there’s nothing worth watching. With Quickflix I would have paid good money for nothing. It’s a good service if you are a regular watcher though, and I found them very responsive, although I was still in the trial period then.

  • Quickflix are well positioned for huge growth especially with their recent launch in New Zealand. They now offer PPV content but the number of titles on offer pales in comparison to iTunes and the like.

    As a full service movie provider they are clear leaders (dvd rental, streaming, Pay per view), and I would put money on the fact that when they beef up the content available on the later two services they’ll start to reflect the NetFlix market dominance.

  • The quality still isn’t there yet. Whilst Netflix might have complete series of tv shows, they’ve got just one season of The Sopranos or True Blood. It’s still an improvement from it’s inception but at the rate they are going at, I don’t see myself registering for another 3 years.

  • If only they had more titles.. I think the price is right too.. and if they offered some sort of deal to allow me to watch TV shows as they were released overseas, rather than me simply downloading them, I would do it.. they also don’t have much cultural awareness with large groups of this population not having English as a first language.. but then that’s pretty typical of most large digital media providers in this (and other) countries.

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