Quickflix Adds HBO To WatchNow Streaming

Quickflix Adds HBO To WatchNow Streaming

The appeal of a streaming service such as Quickflix WatchNow depends heavily on offering lots of choices. So the news that it will “soon” offer content from premium US cable channel HBO is a welcome development that might see more people take up the service.

Quickflix’s announcement mentions HBO titles Entourage, Sex And The City and The Sopranos. It doesn’t include more recent HBO hits such as Game Of Thrones, which suggests there’ll be a lag on content appearing. That’s already the case with movie releases, though Quickflix has said that pay-per-view options will appear later this year.


  • The idea of getting HBO is great, as long as the fee we pay does (and is not) a number of things. The first is that we aren’t gouged, however that can be mitigated by the second, more important thing.

    And that is, will our fees have any impact on future creation of more wonderful content that HBO has premiered (DeadWood springs immediately to mind)?

    In any event, this is a great first step!

  • This would be interesting if it provided timely access to their currently airing (and future) shows. And by timely, I mean the same day as it’s shown in the US. Especially with something like Game of Thrones where the day after it airs in the US, the entire Internet goes crazy talking about it. They really do need to be competing with Channel BT here.

  • You will not see timely access to their shows. HBO in the US have repeatedly stated they would never allow the Internet to cannibalise their cable channels. In AU Showtime will always have prescedent over anything offered legitimately online.

  • You would think the people who created Quickflix would of thought of not ripping off “Netflix”. Quickflix will propably never live up to Netflix. You would be better off getting a VPN and signing up for Netflix.

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