Quickflix WatchNow Has About 10,000 Viewers

Quickflix WatchNow Has About 10,000 Viewers

Quickflix rolled outs its WatchNow all-you-can-eat streaming service for movies for Bravia TV owners in October, for computer users in November and for PS3 owners just before Christmas. So it’s early days, but the initial numbers seem encouraging: around 10,000 people are currently using the service.

In an update to the ASX, Quickflix said its total number of subscribers at the end of December was 110,967, with 21,303 new subscribers during that December quarter. Those numbers include people trying free versions of the service: the total for actual paying customers was 94,097, of whom 13,464 were new sign-ons.

While Quickflix didn’t give an exact number, it said this of WatchNow:

Initial take up of Quickflix’s new movie streaming service which launched in November 2011 has resulted in over 10 per cent of subscribers already choosing streaming as part of their package.

That gives us a rough figure of 10,000 viewers, assuming that many of the users are still on the trial version. It’s a healthy start for a new service, though it shows there’s a long way to go before traditional TV viewing numbers are threatened. It will be interesting to see if that number rises when pay-per-view movies are added later this year.


    • Please elaborate?

      I’ve been with Quickflix for nearly two years and I love it, the streaming just makes it even better.
      Sure its not as good as Netflix but its pretty damn awesome.

      • Hey Drew,

        To be specific, I’m talking about the streaming service, I think that the DVD service is great.

        I am a little dissapointed in the limited range of movies in the streaming service. For example, the service offers the movies Leathal Weapon 2 and 3, but no 1 and 4?

        I’m sure it will improve, and when it does I’ll join again as the quality and speed of the service is excellent. I am just dissapointed with the range is all 🙂

  • not surprised with this. the service on p3 even in it’s infancy is pretty good but with ppv and increased range on the way this service will keep getting better and better. and with reports it’s coming to xbox and more tv’s look for big things this year.

  • Cancelled a trial subscription today – extremly poor set of movies available. 221 today, only 9 more than when I started the trial a couple of weeks back, depsite promises of heaps of movies being added all the time.

    28 moves released since 2000, all the others are older.

    Streaming (over optus 100MBit cable) is good – especially if you choose HD movies, but just too few movies to justify the fees.

  • Only reason why i didn’t cancel my streaming after a month is that my local DVD store moved suburbs and is no longer convenient.
    However i may move to my GF’s netflix account very shortly.

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