Quickflix Expands Kids Shows On WatchNow

Quickflix has added 300 hours of children's programming to its WatchNow streaming TV and movies service, potentially very handy if you have kids or get an emergency babysitting assignment. Also: Xbox streaming for WatchNow is coming "very shortly".

Quickflix has signed deals with the ABC, BBC, Turner and Cookie Jar to enhance its children's range. WatchNow costs $14.99 a month, which makes it a relatively cheap way of keeping the kids amused (though watching ABC2 and ABC3 is even better value).

Quickflix's announcement also confirmed that the previously announced plan to offering WatchNow via the Xbox 360 is on track:

Very shortly, the service will also be made available on Samsung Galaxy tablets and through the Xbox 360 gaming console.

WatchNow is already available on computers, the PS3, iOS devices and smart TVs from Panasonic, Samsung and Sony.


    Damn you Australian owners of copyright that makes quickflix content so inferior to Netflix... You are choking the only future of the industry...

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