Mocubo Cutting Board Keeps Track Of What You Slice And Dice

When you're done chopping on your chopping board, you have the dilemma of where to put the results. You can dirty other dishes to hold what you cut up until you're ready, or use a paper towel, but that ends up being wasteful. Mocubo is a cutting board with built-in storage so you can store that chopped carrot or onion until you're ready to use it.

The cutting board itself is made out of bamboo and has rubber feet, so it won't slide around. As you can see from the picture above, you get three drawers to hold whatever you chop up until you're ready to use them.

It's a nice solution for a neat kitchen, and you could even use Mocubo as a serving tray if you needed to store extra stuff. For example, you could put different dips in the drawers and chips or crackers on top. It's pretty versatile.

Mocubo Modular Cutting Board ($US40) [Quirky]


    Great, now I don't have to dirty any extra dishes - I can just wash some awkward plastic drawers instead.

      +1 ...or you could just leave stuff in the drawers until they take on other more interesting forms. Eeerrrk!

      The website name says it all - and I LOVE the positive feedback has the just enough taste of sock-puppet to keep things humming along. ;-))

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