Fix Chopping Board Cracks With Wood Glue And Sandpaper

Fix Cutting Board Cracks With Wood Glue and Sandpaper

Cutting boards can be expensive, so it's always annoying when those inevitable little cracks show up. But you can fill them pretty easily with some wood glue and sandpaper.

Picture: Marc Kjerland/Flickr

You don't want to live with those cracks, because, as The Kitchn explains, they're prime real estate for bacteria. They offer a simple way to fix small cracks. All you really need is sandpaper, mineral oil and a food-safe wood glue, such as Titebond III Ultimate Wood Glue.

To get the glue deep into the cracked wood, you can use a plastic syringe to apply it, effectively pushing the glue into the fissure. Use a little extra — any glue that's beaded up on the surface of the board can be sanded away once it's dry. Titebond III will be fully dry after 24 hours — read the label carefully to follow the drying instructions for whatever brand you've used. Use an extra-fine grit sandpaper — you'll want to sand away in gentle, small circles — just until the filled seam is level with the board.

Safety first: Wear goggles and a mask while you're sanding to avoid getting any wood dust in your eyes and lungs. Overall, it's a simple process that doesn't take much time. For more detail, or to see how to fix a larger butcher block, click the link below.

How To Repair Small Cracks In a Butcher Block or Cutting Board [the Kitchn]


    Just go to Ikea and spend 10 bucks

      Yep <-- $20 and huge, probably cheaper than a specialist glue. And it's bamboo so it's pretty indestructible.

      They have a ton of cheaper ones too, so why are you fixing the damn things.

      Sorry, I was unfair - the glue mentioned in the article is $7 from masters. I still think it's pointless fixing a cutting board unless it's some kind of special piece.

      Last edited 04/02/15 4:12 pm

    Fancy $100 cutting board.
    You have been ripped off.
    Go to the nearest Timber yard and talk to them.
    No doubt they will have something out the back suitable.

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