DIY Camping Fish Smoker

If you like to fish when you're camping or backpacking, you can make an inexpensive and handy smoker using a camping pot, a small steel grill or steaming rack, and a few basic hand tools.

Instructables user lucyfanclub wanted a way to smoke the fish he caught while backpacking. All you need to do is figure out a way to suspend a small steel grill inside a standard camping pot. The author suggests bending the legs of the grill to stand about 5cm from the bottom of the pot, or drill three holes in the pot and use a nut and bolt to provide a platform for the grill to rest upon. Then all you need do is add a few wood chips to the bottom, place the rack on top of that and add your fish to the rack. Cover and place over a camping stove for 10-15 minutes.

You can forego the grill rack by using a pre-made steaming rack as in our previous post on building a stovetop smoker, but having the grill may come in handy on your adventures as well. This type of smoker is fine for fish or very thin cuts of meat, but you won't be able to thoroughly cook most meat over alcohol camping stoves using this method.

$20 Fish Smoker Attachment for Alcohol Camping Stoves [Instructables]


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