Use Loopholes To Find Breakthroughs

We usually think of loopholes in terms of ways to get around the law, but Forbes suggests they're also a way to find that breakthrough moment to turn a good idea into a spectacular idea.

When we're working on a project, we tend to think inside a set of rules. Looking through those rules and finding loopholes is a way to get things done better and faster. Forbes offers this advice:

Change agents, programmers, artists and entrepreneurs all work inside and with loopholes. After all, their livelihoods are built around finding ways to invent and rules impose order, not further progress. You want to do something novel or different? You need to know how to jump through loopholes, not hoops.

In practice this might be as simple as finding shortcuts in the directions your boss gives you to make a project work better. If you're stuck creatively you can find an ambiguous line in an assignment and exploit it to turn it into something new. Hit up the post on Forbes for a full explanation.

Loopholing: Seeing the Options Between the Rules [Forbes]


    Programmers invent? Not in most shops I've worked in. In most shops I've worked in, there are strict standards on how to do things. (This is why I will never again be an applications programmer.)

    As a serial procrastinator, I've been doing this since my early formative years.
    Strange how the same actions work for opposite goals, no?

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