Telstra Adds Wi-Fi Hotspot To 4G Range

Telstra Adds Wi-Fi Hotspot To 4G Range

Telstra has made good on its promise to add a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot to its range of devices that use its LTE 4G network. Business customers can buy the device from today, while general consumers can purchase it from March 27.

The hotspot allows connections for up to five devices, which is a boon for anyone travelling with a tablet and a PC. As with the original dongle version, right now it’s largely being sold on 24-month contract plans (with a $99 up-front payment on the cheaper plans as well), though you can get it for $299 outright. Given that the dongle is now also available in a prepaid version, I imagine we’ll see that happen eventually with the hotspot as well.



  • I need to replace my current Telstra 3G wireless hotspot so this is really exciting for me. Does anyone know if I can simply buy it outright for $299 and put in my current sim card and automatically get 4G speeds? Or will I need to wait for the prepaid version?

    • Ben, I’m not sure if you’re aware, but the Focus S does not have LTE “4G”, rather it has faux-4G which is just AT&T’s way of rebranding a 3G HSPA+ data connection.

      • I did not know that. I bought it to run on NextG network since they are shutting down their old Telstra/3 network this year and my old phone was not compatible. All I can say is its much faster!

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