Telstra 4G Wi-Fi Hotspot Goes Prepaid

Good news if you fancy 4G connection speeds but don’t need travel broadband often enough to justify a Wi-Fi hotspot on a contract“: Telstra is selling a prepaid version for $169 from tomorrow.

The prepaid bundle includes 5GB of data, with a 30-day expiry date. Like its previous contract sibling, it supports connecting up to five devices at a time. If there’s no 4G signal available, it falls back onto the existing Telstra Next G 3G network, and there’s no premium charged for access.

As ever, the rates aren’t the cheapest around, but if you want a reliable, no-think backup connection, $180 for 365 days may be worth considering. These are the recharge options:

Amount Data Expiry
$20 250MB 21 days
$30 700MB 30 days
$40 1GB 30 days
$50 3GB 30 days
$80 4GB 60 days
$100 6GB 90 days
$180 12GB 365 days

Telstra followed a similar pattern with its 4G dongle, launching a contract version in 2012 followed by a prepaid model in February this year. Lifehacker testing consistently shows that 4G connections perform well (though not, it’s worth noting, as well as the NBN).



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