Telstra 4G Wi-Fi Hotspot Goes Prepaid

Good news if you fancy 4G connection speeds but don't need travel broadband often enough to justify a Wi-Fi hotspot on a contract": Telstra is selling a prepaid version for $169 from tomorrow.

The prepaid bundle includes 5GB of data, with a 30-day expiry date. Like its previous contract sibling, it supports connecting up to five devices at a time. If there's no 4G signal available, it falls back onto the existing Telstra Next G 3G network, and there's no premium charged for access.

As ever, the rates aren't the cheapest around, but if you want a reliable, no-think backup connection, $180 for 365 days may be worth considering. These are the recharge options:

Amount Data Expiry
$20 250MB 21 days
$30 700MB 30 days
$40 1GB 30 days
$50 3GB 30 days
$80 4GB 60 days
$100 6GB 90 days
$180 12GB 365 days

Telstra followed a similar pattern with its 4G dongle, launching a contract version in 2012 followed by a prepaid model in February this year. Lifehacker testing consistently shows that 4G connections perform well (though not, it's worth noting, as well as the NBN).



    This is great, I often need to use my 3G version of this. Now all I need to do is wait for 4G to come to the suburbs that I work and live in and I'll pick this up.

    Hm..very tempting.. I'm getting tired of the Vodafone 3G slowness. The 365 days is perfect if you don't need the extra burst of speed often but have it available when you need one

    Would anyone know if I could move my current iPad SIM into one of these?

    Telstra already sell the 4G hotspot on its own without a contract?

      I'm guessing it may be a different device. In any case $169 is a lot less than $299.

    Can SOMEONE pleeeese do a speedtest between Optus Cable (supersonic) and The NBN ? Now Optus has relented and will phase out cable - it is highly topical as well

    This is really expensive though

    Has anyone seen this yet? Has the release been delayed?
    The Telstra site linked doesn't even mention the device yet, and when I walked into a Telstra shop I was told they had seen pictures and been briefed on the device but it hadn't come into the store yet.

    I bought 1 a week ago from a telstra shop for extra coverage anywhere for my Asus Nexus 7 tab. It has been great everywhere.

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