Olympics Free For Foxtel Sports Subscribers

We already knew that Foxtel was planning eight Olympics-only channels and that Nine will offer HD simulcasts of its broadcasts for the London 2012 Olympics. While Foxtel has previously charged extra for its souped-up sporting broadcasts, the London option will be free to customers who already have a sports package with the pay TV broadcaster.

TV Tonight reports on the move, announced at the ASTRA Conference in Sydney yesterday. It's worth noting that this doesn't mean every Foxtel subscriber gets the eight-channel bundle for nothing; you have to have the Sports bundle, which costs $16 a month on top of the standard offering. If (like me) you have the ultra-cheap basic package, you'll need to pay a separate (and not yet revealed) fee for Foxtel's expanded Olympics offering. I won't be bothering myself, but given how many people primarily use pay TV for sport anyway, this will be welcome news.

Olympics ‘free’ to current Foxtel sports subscribers [TV Tonight]


    So what you are saying is that "free" is now a relative term?
    Watching London 2012 on 8 dedicated channels is not so much free, but "included in your already overpriced pay TV subscription"?

      People who thinks foxtel is overpriced clearly can't afford it. It is an elite club & we don't want you anyway.

    Any word on Foxtel on Xbox support / prices / packaging?

    any word on Austar subscribers?

    How do you know if you are in the elite group who dont have to pay extra or not

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