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Yesterday, Channel 7's new free-to-air TV channel, 7flix, went on air in Australian metro areas. The channel focuses on general entertainment, kids shows and movies -- with a film screening at 8:30pm every night of the week. Here's how to get the new channel on your TV.


The Xbox One's premium TV features have finally launched down under. From today, Australian Xbox One owners can access a public preview of OneGuide -- a catch-all entertainment menu that negates the need for a set top box or universal remote. The catch is that you'll need to purchase a $39.95 digital tuner to access Live TV functionality. Bah humbug.


Hi Lifehacker, My TV works fine except for Channel 7 -- the signal quality can drop for no apparent reason from 10 to 5 or even 3. This can happen at any time during the day but is most prevalent at night after 5pm. It's been a real problem ever since we went digital. Any suggestions?


Today is "retuning day" for digital TV in Sydney -- the digital spectrum is being reallocated to more efficiently use available frequencies. Retuning your set isn't a big deal, but here's what to do if you're unsure.


SBS's popular TV on-demand app is now available on Android, but there's a slight catch: for the time being, it can only be downloaded from the Samsung Apps store which means you'll need a Samsung device to get your hands on it.


Dear Lifehacker, Looking at the TV guide, I see that once again there is no high-definition (HD) broadcast for the State of Origin on Channel Nine. I will again have no other option but to watch a standard definition (SD) presentation of the game on my HD-ready plasma TV. What I can't understand is why?


Australian content quotas are designed to ensure that our TV screens aren't entirely filled with overseas imports and repeats. In the last year, the major commercial networks met their targets -- but in some cases only because they're also allowed to utilise shows from New Zealand and Australian movies to make up the numbers.


We've long known that analogue television broadcasts were due to end in December 2013, but now we have an actual date. December 10, 2013 will see analogue services switched off in Melbourne -- the last region to officially make the switch to digital.


The lack of HD sports broadcasts echoes constantly through the chambers of Lifehacker's comments. So it's great to hear that Nine is planning to simulcast more than 300 hours worth of Olympics on GEM, its current HD channel, as well as its standard SD offering.


Since last July, the ACCC has being weighing up whether Foxtel acquiring Austar would be anti-competitive, a question in which the likely future of the NBN plays a crucial role. An issues paper issued today suggests the ACCC might approve the merger, but only if Foxtel ensures that some of the content it acquires is also made available to rival IPTV providers such as FetchTV.


Claims that providing set-top boxes to pensioners and the disabled is costing the Federal government $700 a head have kicked off a wave of controversy. Do the numbers actually add up? And what is the best way to ensure that everyone gets access to digital TV when the analogue network gets switched off? Lifehacker and Gizmodo debate the issues.