Foxtel Planning 8 Dedicated HD Channels For 2012 Olympics

A common complaint amongst TV-watching Lifehacker viewers is that not enough sporting events get broadcast in HD and that coverage is often selective and incomplete. Both seem unlikely to be an issue with Foxtel's broadcast of the 2012 London Olympics, which will include 8 dedicated 24-hour HD channels covering the event.

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TV Tonight reports that Foxtel will also cover every event in which an Australian is a medal contender. You'll be able to watch free-to-air coverage on Nine, but that network (and I'm trying to be charitable here) does not have the best reputation for consistent or reliable coverage, and the main events are inevitably going to be on its SD-only main channel.

The big downside in all this HD goodness? Foxtel has not yet revealed how much extra it will charge to access those channels (based on past behaviour, it will certainly charge something), and whether any options will be available on "alternative" distribution channels such as the Xbox or T-Box.

Good access to sport is the main reason many people get pay TV, but how much extra would you be willing to pay for an 8-channel HD bundle during the Olympics? Share your price point in the comments.

Foxtel to screen 2012 Olympics on 8 HD channels [TV Tonight]


    considering a major event like this should be reliably covered for free, i am very disappointed at having to pay extra for this service on a already pay tv provider.

    Not necessarily - the winter olympics was free for sports subscribers.

      The winter olympics had a viewing audience of 17. There WILL be a cost, but they may offer an "early bird" package.

    we got our winter olympics channels for free, dunno why, watched it constantly!

    fingers crossed we get it for free again :D

    Expecting the price of the Olympics to be $70 early bird and $85 one month before the Games begin. So it'll be on top of your Sports/HD subscription but it'll be value for money. I do not care about FTA TV at all! Fingers crossed it will happen and I'll be definitly paying for exceptional coverage of the games :D

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