Nine Planning HD Simulcasts Throughout Olympics

Nine Planning HD Simulcasts Throughout Olympics

The lack of HD sports broadcasts echoes constantly through the chambers of Lifehacker’s comments. So it’s great to hear that Nine is planning to simulcast more than 300 hours worth of Olympics on GEM, its current HD channel, as well as its standard SD offering.

Picture by Megan Eaves

TV Tonight reports that Nine will be broadcasting 14.5 hours a day on competition days, running from July 28 for 16 days. We already knew that Foxtel is planning eight dedicated HD channels, which will obviously cover a wider range of sports, but alas those won’t be free. The Nine ones will, which is good news for Olympics fans. (And no, I’m not one, but I realise that puts me in a minority.)

Nine to simulcast Olympics in high-definition [TV Tonight]


  • Seriously, why don’t they just broadcast their main channel in HD.

    Not a fan of when channels do this. One example is in QLD, because the main TEN channel is only SD, when the AFL is on, the F1 races which are usually shown on OneHD, are delayed so that AFL can be simulcast. Thou for some reason they don’t delay the F1 in the southern states.

    What is the reason for this? Is it because some non-HD digital TVs can’t downsample a full HD feed?

      • Ben, it’s for those who have Standard Definition Digital setup boxes will lose Channel 9. Not all people of HD Settop boxes.

        So those on SD setup boxes, can’t get Gem or One etc, so if they switch them over, people with SD boxes will get Gem and One but won’t get 9 and 10.

  • And here I was thinking that Channel 9 had forgotten that they even had a HD channel!

    Nothing annoys me more than super slow motion crickets action shots in all their fuzzy, low def glory, no, wait, BBC high def documentaries in glorious fuzzy low def with some monotone Australian bloke speaking when it should be David Tennant. Why would Ch9 go to the expense and time of over daubing another English speaker? AND with a worse speaker?

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