Foxtel Giving Winter Olympics Free To Some Subscribers

Foxtel Giving Winter Olympics Free To Some Subscribers

If you want four channels of TV snow sports goodness (and the ability to watch online as well), Foxtel has been happy to charge you $65 for the privilege. But now it turns out some customers are being given the bundle for nothing.

The Australian reports that Foxtel has offered some long-term subscribers free “season passes” to watch its Winter Olympics coverage. Customers who already paid the $65 (or the discount $50 for early bird buyers) will get a refund if they’re selected for the offer. The paper suggests five-year customers are being offered the option, so if you’ve been signed up longer than that and have more than a basic package, it might be worth a quick phone call to Foxtel to ask why you’ve been excluded.

Assuming you don’t qualify and don’t want to pay that (and haven’t coughed up to Telstra for a mobile phone pass), your free options are pretty much limited to watching Channel Nine’s highlights broadcasts each evening. Nine is also offering elements of that catchup package online.

Foxtel gives ‘loyal customers’ free access to Games [The Australian]


  • Seems fair enough, bit of good PR and considering I don’t know anyone who did pay for the package, it’s possible no-one with 5 years f Foxtel did, meaning it wouldn’t cost them a cent.

    I’m not at five years yet but hopefully they’ll have an event I care about by then.

    • It is going to be interesting to see whether this is a successful experiment or not. I don’t know a single person who, after already paying a significant amount each month, is willing to pay an additional $65. I do however know a number of people, myself included, who is disgusted by Foxtel and is looking at other TV options. As a Canadian living in Australia, I am saddened that many of the great winter sports won’t be shown to Australians as a result. The Olympics are such a great event, good work Foxtel for putting a negative spin on it. I hope they lose the money they deserve to.

  • I had no word from Foxtel about this. So, I gave them a call.
    Turns out, my family’s been a subscriber since 2001! 9 years. NINE years! I think thats pretty loyal..

    So, yes, with some prodding, we got the free ‘upgrade’.
    Thanks Foxtel! (Even if they took their time..)

  • OK, I’ve been ripped off – OFFicially !!! Four channels of winter olympics on Foxtel bought for $65. The programming includes THREE repeats of WOMENS LAWN BOLWS ON ICE (curling) BETWEEN CHINA AND DENMARK !?!? (no kidding)

    However, there is NOT ONE ice hockey game featuring the reining Olympic Champions, Sweden, against any country where you can buy ice skates ON ANY ONE OF THE CHANNELS !?!?

    Either it’s a case of Foxtel employing programmers with no understanding of winter sports or they’ve bought cheap broadcasting rights. I suspect the latter so, my advise to you is: don’t waste your money on this.

    • Inge, what you say doesn’t sound right. I watched a womens Sweden v Switzerland ice hockey match yesterday morning. Are you sure the other ice hockey events just haven’t been scheduled yet? You should check the schedule. I’m pretty sure foxtel have every event.
      You can’t expect them to have the events you want to watch whenever you turn on!

        • A friendly Foxtel person points out that a quick search of the online schedule suggests a bunch of Sweden-involved hockey matches on offer from the 18th. I don’t pretend to be expert enough to know whether this means matches have been skipped, but it seems clear that there are some on the schedules.

  • D’oh! We’re just 10 days short of 5 years with Foxtel. I gave them a call anyway but no luck. For those who have been subscribers for five years it sounds like you’re in luck though – they told me on the phone it will be automatic for people who have been subscribers for at least 5 years.

      • Yeah i just rang Telstra, at first they thought i was either making it up or someone had told me a “fib” in their words. Then i explained to them that Foxtel even told me it was true so she went away again only to tell me that the deal isn’t happening and Foxtel shouldn’t be offering it so they wont be and they are going to get in touch, sounds to me like different Departments can’t keep in contact. This is why i regret going with Telstra for my Foxtel

  • We have been “loyal” subscribers since Dec 1999 but never got a letter from Foxtel. I rang only to be informed it was a “security matter”! that I could not be told why we were never offered this package but they could tell my husband if he wanted to ring. They wouldn’t even tell me what the general criteria were as this was also a “security” matter!

  • I enquired with Foxtel about this, they said there were three criteria and I only met two (Subscriber >5yr, sports package, IQ or multi room). I don’t have the IQ and they knocked me back.

  • Platinum subscription for at least 10 yrs….at least 8 of those with foxtel direct and now via telstra for nearly 2 yrs…..but that doesnt seem to cut it….as foxtel dont recognise it. Whether I am getting Foxtel via Telstra or Foxtel doesnt make a difference to me…..its all branded as Foxtel
    Loyalty…..interesting description

  • Pathetic…. woeful… Ch9 LIVE (daytime coverage ends just as many events are starting… then at night they show interviews and hardly none of the events. e.g the 2nd leg of the Pairs figure skating…started at Noon on Tuesday (Aussie time), just as Ch9 stopped to show Ellen and Days of Our Lives…. Then the night time edition…showed a paltry 3 contestants from this event…. I recall previous coverages showing ‘most’ of the Figure Skating.

  • We subscribed early for the $50 offer but have now discovered that if we had waited until Feb we could have subscribed online, paid the $65 and got a $50 voucher from Cellarmasters! So much for early-bird specials.
    Also called Foxtel about the refund having been subscribers for 10 years and they refuse saying that because we get Foxtel thru Telstra they won’t do it – advised we should request the refund from Telstra! What are our chances?

  • I’ve been a Foxtel subscriber since 1997 and was told that I’m not eligible for this offer as I’ve been a subsciber for too long and they know that I won’t be cancelling my subscripion. The Customer service operator who served me said that it’s only available to new subscribers who ask for it, and to people who have been with Foxtel between 5-7 years. Less than 5 and more than 7 they have no authorisation to offer it. She suggested she put me through to disconnections and that if I threaten to disconnect they might offer that as an incentive to stay. Since it was only something I would watch occasionally (as I work 68 hours a week) then I decided not to spend time on that.

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