Make A Laptop Hammock For A Dollar

If you use an external monitor and don't need your laptop on your desk, free up some precious desk real estate by keeping it out of the way. This cheap laptop hammock keeps your laptop's ports in easy reach.

Ars Technica's Casey Johnston walks us through the very simple instructions, which may not involve any sewing at all if you use a t-shirt for the hammock. You'll need scissors, a saw or serrated knife, dowel, and two shoelaces long enough to wrap around your desk. Here's a video of the DIY project which will run you about a buck:

Hit the link below for the full instructions.

DIY: Make your own laptop hammock, for a dollar [Ars Technica]


    ...and say goodbye to efficient cooling

      Yeah, I've mentioned the same thing on the previous 2 articles about having your laptop on with the lid closed.

      Its a good way to brick your laptop if it gets hot, I've seen 2 laptops die because of a closed lid while running.

      Agreed this is a bad idea for any laptop running, however I would have one of these just to get my laptop off my desk when I'm not using it.

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