Build A Wooden Hammock Out Of Branches

There's nothing like a little outdoor relaxation, but if traditional hammocks are just a bit too difficult and uncomfortable for you, you can make a sturdier hammock-like hanging chair out of tree branches.

It takes a lot of work to put together, but it's more tedious work than it is difficult — as long as you're comfortable cutting up a few tree branches, you shouldn't have too much trouble with the rest. You just need to cut them into 5.08cm-long pieces, drill a hole through each one, and thread your hammock string through. You'll get something like the above picture, which is more comfortable than a regular chair or swing, but not quite as absurd as a regular hammock. Hit the link to see a full how-to.

Make a Wooden Hammock from Branches [Instructables]


    5.08cm exactly? Do you hate saying inches that much? :)

    Better get those measurements right. In the wild, 0.8mm can be the difference between life, and DEATH!

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