LinkedIn Has 3 Million Aussie Members

LinkedIn has 3 million Australians signed up, which potentially makes it the second-biggest social network on the local block (Facebook has 9.6 million; I haven't seen local numbers for Twitter). The biggest industry sectors? IT (yay!), financial services (hmmm) and accounting (well, someone has to do it).

According to the celebratory press release issued by LinkedIn marking the milestone, the three companies with the most employees on the site are Telstra, NAB and Commonwealth Bank. Those are large employers, but I can't help wondering if that means large numbers of their staff want to be sure they've got their options covered when the next wave of redundancies begins.

My own experience of LinkedIn tends to revolve around a monthly sweep through the invitations I've received, but it has plenty of uses, especially if you're thinking of changing jobs. Check out words to avoid on your LinkedIn profile and how to use the site to increase your attractiveness to employers.


    I think it's a sign of that the employees are technically and socially savvy (networking etc), and might have potentially moved a lot historically, maybe because their skills are highly valued. I don't think it says anything about potential for unemployment, since I would expect most people with Linkedin profiles to have had them for a long time. Also you would have expected Westpac and ANZ to be top 3, given they have recently announced huge redundancies.
    You probably won't find many local government employees because they are more likely to be in roles for longer.

    Or it could be like where I work - we do some "work" with LinkedIn and as such, it's been "requested" that we all sign up to LinkedIn and include it in our email signature.

    Before I used LinkedIn for professional networking, now I'm being bombarded each and every day by staff at our company who want to "link" with me, even though I've spoken to them maybe once and they work at a totally different office to me. If I ignore the request, I start getting internal emails asking why I haven't "friended" them yet that get quite rude when I explain why I haven't linked to them.

    I resisted the urge to sign up to Facebook and am considering deleting my LinkedIn account as I saw it as a professional networking site, not where you compete to have the most "links" - but this appears to be where LinkedIn is heading.

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