Ten Words To Avoid On Your LinkedIn Profile

Any expression can get worn out through overuse. Business social networking service LinkedIn ran an analysis on its Australian members, and identified the 10 most overused words and phrases in their profiles. The top offender? Creative.

Picture by Marc Faldereau

Here's the full list of terms (direct from the LinkedIn announcement) that everyone has used so often they have become meaningless:

1. Creative 2. Extensive experience 3. Effective 4. Track record 5. Motivated 6. Innovative 7. Communication skills 8. Wide range 9. Problem solving 10. Dynamic

As we've mentioned before, highlighting specific skills rather than using generic phrases makes for a more effective profile.


    So what would be a better way to say that I have extensive experience in Java programming, and some experience in C++, with some exposure to PHP and Python? I would imagine "extensive experience" sounds a lot better than "lots of experience".

      In that case how about "I have x years experience in Java programming".

        How about if I'm a designer where being creative is a must?

          If you need to be creative, and can't come up with another way of saying creative, maybe you should have a think about your job choices

    If I see the word passionate or hear the word I write that person off.


    If you actually need linkedin to get a job, you have bigger issues than word choice.

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