Shirking, Filth And Whining: Our Top Office Annoyances

Want to really annoy your colleagues? Don't take ownership of your problems, leave the microwave looking like a latrine and complain constantly. Those three issues topped a survey of biggest office annoyances for Australian workers, according to LinkedIn.

Picture by Aaron Stidwell

The local numbers covered 1200 Linked In Members and pulled up the following top three peeves:

1. People not taking ownership for their actions 2. Dirty common areas (such as a dirty communal microwave or refrigerator) 3. Constant complainers

Not taking ownership was the top answer worldwide, but there was notable regional variation; Americans seem more stressed than other nations about food being taken from the refrigerator. What's your pet office peeve? Tell us in the comments.



    So the worst would have to be dirtying up the microwave and then complaining about the state of it?

      This happens in my office. Except that the complaints are about general kitchen lack of cleanliness...

    All of which can be found in my office.


    people exploding all over the toilets and not cleaning them. leaving all manner of dishes, cups and eating utensils in the sink so it becomes unusable until someone moves it all into the drainer (usually me!!).

    People that moan and swear under their breath just loud enough for me to hear it all day long

      uh oh that's me, at least i'm not as bad as my friend who got told in his performance review to stop swearing so much

    LOL @ Martin!!
    So true. I got one guy in my office who shoves wet toilet paper up his bum every time after a number 2, to clean himself, and manages to leave brown water all over the floor and seat....

      Speaking of brown water, you just totally put me of my coffee.


    Without fail, every time I go into the bathroom at my work (Coles), someone has 'replaced' the toilet roll by putting the new one balanced on top of the used up one. What the hell? It's not even one of the complex roll holders to change, it's a simple slide off and replace. I know there's a lot of lifers here, and they're a bit dim, but come on!

    Body odour.

    Colleagues dealing with personal calls in shared offices. I don't want to hear your latest fight with your boyfriend - take it outside, please.

    Also, people rambling on at volume about how generally awesome they, and their awesome lives, are. Again, in a shared 6x6 office.

    I resigned last week, and those two were in the top 5 reasons why.

    I'd have to say passive aggressive notes in the kitchens and bathrooms, closely followed by loud personal calls to ex-husbands or wives about child custody disputes...

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