Shirking, Filth And Whining: Our Top Office Annoyances

Shirking, Filth And Whining: Our Top Office Annoyances

Want to really annoy your colleagues? Don’t take ownership of your problems, leave the microwave looking like a latrine and complain constantly. Those three issues topped a survey of biggest office annoyances for Australian workers, according to LinkedIn.

Picture by Aaron Stidwell

The local numbers covered 1200 Linked In Members and pulled up the following top three peeves:

1. People not taking ownership for their actions 2. Dirty common areas (such as a dirty communal microwave or refrigerator) 3. Constant complainers

Not taking ownership was the top answer worldwide, but there was notable regional variation; Americans seem more stressed than other nations about food being taken from the refrigerator. What’s your pet office peeve? Tell us in the comments.



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