Has LinkedIn Helped You Further Your Career?

Has LinkedIn Helped You Further Your Career?

Social network site for professionals LinkedIn is going gangbusters, recently posting a 33 per cent jump in revenue in its second quarter, exceeding expectations. It is becoming a formidable tool for workers to source news relevant to their professions as well as seek potential job opportunities. We’re interested to hear how LinkedIn has helped you in your professional life.

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From its overall results, the company reported a 22 per cent increase in revenue from its premium subscription and how has over 380 million members, 30 million more than its first quarter this year.

With so many people jumping on board the professional social networking website, we want to find out just how effective it has been in helping your career.

Have you scored a new job thanks to your LinkedIn profile? If so let us know about your experience in the comments. We’d also like to find out if LinkedIn is better for certain industry verticals.


  • I’d have to say yes, or more importantly helped my role remain relevant. One of the first things that happens when my peers ask me for assistance, is usually due to them looking me up on LinkedIn. Be it for my experience or connection to others they want an introduction to.

    A few work colleagues regularly publish articles on LinkedIn to both enhance their own profile and stay engaged in industry changes through conversation.

    I also find a lot of business’s are moving away from posting to facebook and post on LinkedIn, as it tend to attract people that are looking to engage with industry rather than it getting lost in Facebook feeds.

  • Yes LinkedIn is excellent, my job is specialised and appropriate job listings landed me my best professional position yet. The right recruiters send me job invites. Seek can’t provides this level of service

    • I do know a lot of workers get approached by recruiters on LinkedIn. Makes me wonder whether companies who are looking for new talent can get rid of recruiters all together and hit up people directly.

      • It’s a trade-off. You can delegate someone to hunt on linkedin when you need to, but the amount of time you put in to get one new employee might not be a good trade. It becomes a more viable option as company size scales up. Linkedin is a great way of finding staff incidentally though – as soon as somebody gets wind of their office closing or a contract ending, they start hitting up all their contacts to see what the industry is like. We’ve got a few people at the office who made contact that way.

        Disclaimer: I work for an employment company which heavily encourages linkedin use on work time. We still use recruiters when we need to.

  • Mostly yes. Having spent nearly two years out of the ‘mainstream’ corporate world, yet paying the additional fees for a professional account has had mixed results. I was recently ‘pinged’ on LinkedIn from a boss from about 10 years ago, and that has led to a major, major new opportunity. It wasn’t the paid subscription that resulted in the outcome, it was just being on LinkedIn and having those connections. It’s a reasonably valuable tool from the networking perspective, but I still thnk of it as the ‘Corporate Facebook’

  • Not directly. It has however allowed me to look up the resumes of recruiters and HR people to figure out if I’m wasting my time talking to them – due to their total career being 5% as long as mine and yet they’ve not held any of their 8 positions down for more than 5 months.

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