Is A Jacket Hanging On A Chair Inefficient?

Magazine editor Tyler Brûlé has a simple rule for success. “People need to attend to details. I believe in a tidy ship. No jackets on the backs of chairs.”

Picture by Paul Waite

Part of me knows what he means. A jacket hanging on the back of your chair looks messy; it’s likely to get crinkled in the course of the day; it can easily slip off and then get wheeled over. If there’s a wardrobe or coat rack available, using it would make sense. And attending to details is important in all kinds of endeavours.

I can’t see it as a universal rule, however. Ultimately, the most important principle of an organised workspace is not sorting everything within an inch of its life, but being able to easily lay your hands on what you need when you need it. From that perspective, having a jacket available as soon as you get up from your chair might well be the best solution. I certainly don’t think I’ll be giving up the habit when winter returns and I start wearing a jacket again. Details are important, but different details matter to different people.

Tyler Brûlé: the man who sold the world [The Guardian]

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