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We dismissed exercise myths, tested coffee machines, protected you from scams and looked at whether no GST really gave overseas online stores an unfair advantage. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. 10 Stubborn Exercise Myths That Won’t Die, Debunked By Science
    “No pain, no gain!” “You’ll never bulk up without supplements.” “Crunches are the key to six-pack abs!” It seems there are more questions and half-truths in the market about healthy exercise than there are clear, definitive facts — but the exercise industry is a multi-billion dollar business, built partially on selling gadgets and DVDs with incredible claims to people desperate to lose weight or look attractive. Meanwhile, good workout plans and simple truths lurk in the background waiting for their time to shine. All of this results in lots of misinformation about exercise. We’re taking some of those commonly-held exercise myths to task, and we have science to back us up. Let’s get started.
  2. Lifehacker Tests The Aldi Expressi
    Coffee is one of the staples of my diet, but on a journalist’s salary, the costs of café coffee quickly becomes prohibitive. Instant coffee will do when I just need a caffeine fix, but it’s never very good. Aldi’s Expressi line of pod-based coffees is meant to solve that issue affordably, providing good quality coffee at a cheap price. But does it?
  3. Australia’s Biggest Scams (And How To Avoid Them)
    The unpleasant reality: many people are dishonest and will try and scam you or your loved ones. Awareness is your biggest defence. Here are the most prevalent scams in Australia, and how you can avoid them.
  4. Seven Examples Showing GST Isn’t The Problem For Australian Online Stores
    A National Retailers Association report last week suggested that thousands of Australian retail jobs will be lost because offshore shopping sites don’t have to pass on the 10 per cent GST required of local stores. However, it’s hard to square off that claim against the reality that goods purchased from overseas are often cheaper by a much larger margin. Here are seven examples (one for each day of the week).
  5. SodaStream Plus Vegemite: Yes, Sodamite Is Truly A Taste Sensation
    We know that the SodaStream Genesis works well as a source of carbonated drinks. We know that it’s more economical if you use your own flavours. And we’re an Australian site. Clearly, there was only one thing to be done: use the office SodaStream to make a Vegemite-flavoured beverage. It’s time for Sodamite. (Be careful how you spell that.)
  6. The Myth Of Complete Mac Security
    Apple has long touted security as a selling point for Mac OS X. While it’s the case that there are far more viruses for Windows than Mac, but the notion that Mac users don’t need to have any concerns about security is a myth that deserves to be well and truly busted.
  7. How Virgin’s New Baggage Rules Will Affect You
    Virgin Australia is shifting from a total weight policy to a per-bag charge for checked baggage. Whether that’s good or bad news depends on how you currently use the system. Here’s how the (complicated) new rules work.
  8. Train Your Brain For Monk-Like Focus
    The moment you get effortlessly lost in work goes by any number of names: focus, concentration, escapism, flow and countless others. It’s the point where you’re able to blur the world around you and calibrate your brain to pay attention to one single task. It’s your sweet spot. It’s when you Get Things Done. Your entire cognitive effort is concentrated on one task and when you’re in that moment the outside world disappears.
  9. Customise Your Windows Installation To Create The OS Of Your Dreams
    Windows is great, but it isn’t exactly what you would call lean. It comes with a whole host of programs, features and services that take up unnecessary space and may slow down your machine. If you’d rather have a slimmer installation of Windows, you can create your own Windows installer with RT Se7en Lite — complete with lots of other customisations so you can turn Windows into your dream OS. Here’s how to do it.
  10. Is A Jacket Hanging On A Chair Inefficient?
    Magazine editor Tyler Brûlé has a simple rule for success. “People need to attend to details. I believe in a tidy ship. No jackets on the backs of chairs.”


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