The Bold And Cosy Professor’s Workspace

The Bold And Cosy Professor’s Workspace

Most professors’ offices do not look this unique and comfy (from what I remember of my university days). But Dan Ariely, professor of psychology and behavioural economics at Duke University, has set up his office with brightly coloured furniture and interesting items like a hanging chair.

Ariely says the most important feature of is workspace is the variety, evident from the different types of chairs (cosy low sofas, a Freudian-inspired therapist chair for naps and a springy stool), and separate sitting and standing workspaces:

All of these components taken together, the most important aspect of my workspace is an element of variety. I try to inject surprises into my work day (like taking breaks on my balance board or massaging my back with the J-shaped tool that you see on the ground), and it’s very important for me to be able to take things that are potentially boring (like long conference calls) and turn them into interesting experiences.

It’s no surprise his lab at Duke is also designed for comfort (massage chairs and couches) while also sporting eclectic items like a pet inflatable shark.

Fun and comfort: You can’t ask much more from an office.

Where I Work: An Office Full of Variety (With a Spot for Urgent Naps) [LinkedIn]

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