From The Tips Box: Hanging Jackets, Packing Reminders

Readers offer their best tips for hanging your jacket on a chair and packing your stuff when you move.

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Hang Your Jacket Backwards to Keep It Neatly Stowed

Joe Bryan discovers the best way to hang your jacket on a chair:

Hanging my jacket on a chair never quite worked right until I found this. Can't believe I went this long without knowing!

Open All Your Cupboards to Aid in Packing

Mike shares a packing tip for when you're moving out:

I'm moving to a new apartment, and packing is always a pain — I never know what I have and haven't packed. This time around, I've just opened every cupboard and every closet in my house, revealing EVERYTHING I have that needs to be packed (or emptied). When I finish emptying a cupboard, it gets closed. This not only motivates me to pack stuff up to keep it clean, but keeps me aware of which stuff hasn't been packed yet, because it's all visible from wherever I stand.


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