Freeze Cookie Dough In Ice Cube Trays For Portion-Controlled Snacks

One of the problems with making a big batch of cookies is the fact you end up with cookies everywhere, and it's next to impossible not to eat 10 of them a day. Cooking blog Fooducate suggests that instead of cooking a whole batch you freeze individual cookies in an ice cube tray and cook what you want on demand.Once you have your cookie dough made, portion out each cookie into an ice cube tray, stuff them in a freezer bag, and then put the tray in the freezer. When you want some cookies, toss a few in the oven. If you bake a batch of cookies only to eat all of them within a day, portioning them out into smaller batches can keep you from eating them all at once.

An Awesome Portion Control Trick for Homemade Cookies [Fooducate Blog via Tipnut]


    What a great why to waste electricty/gas. turn on an oven with only a couple of cookies in it.

    Portion control??

    Have you ever tried frozen cookie dough - it's divine!

    Oh for fuck's sake, just have some self control and don't be a pig. Hell, set a specific hard limit if you have to.

    If you still can't help yourself, you have a deeper problem and probably shouldn't be baking biscuits to start with.

      What is this 'self-control' of which you speak?

      You obviously have no self control about being an asshole!

      Some people need different strategies for practising self control. At the end of the day, whatever works for someone is good for them, who cares if it's stupid! As long as it doesn't hurt you, why sit here and criticise people!?

      I think it's a great idea. I have no problem with not eating things if I don't buy/make them, but once I bake a batch of cookies, I feel like I have to eat them before they go off or get covered in ants.

      As for the guy that says what a waste, well if you get a toaster oven, it's not so bad and at the end of the day it's not like this is meant to be done every single day. It could also be a good thing for entertaining as you can easily have fresh baked cookies and not have too many or too little!

    Plus they don't keep very well, and they're better warm. Likelyhood is that we've been using the oven for something else anyway first. Great idea!

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