Ensure Tablet Size Matches Your Work Plans

There are many factors you'll consider when choosing a tablet, including the underlying specs, the operating system it runs on and the price. Make sure you pay attention to the screen size, since existing user experience suggests that often dictates how you'll use it.

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Research by NPD In-State highlight how tablet usage often ties into screen size. People committed to the iOS universe don't have much choice; it's essentially just under 10 inches or nothing. But Android users can choose between 5 inch, 7 inch, 8.9 inch and 10 inch models, and each often ties into a particular usage pattern. As NPD In-Stat puts it:

Devices with smaller form factors in the 3.5" to less than 7.0" range, spanning PMP and tablets categories, best serve entertainment needs that are typically considered complementary to everyday activities like commuting, exercising, and other on-the-go activities.

Despite the dominance of the iPad, NPD also notes that 40 per cent of potential tablet buyers would prefer a built-in physical keyboard, especially if they're going to ditch a notebook entirely. NPD executive director Ross Rubin notes this means the market is likely to change in the next few yearsL

Access to a keyboard is the most popular reason why consumers who own both a tablet and a notebook use their notebook for tasks such as Web access and personal productivity. As tablets expand from content consumption to content creation, consumers are seeking a broader array of input options and screen sizes.



    I keep reading this as "Ensure Tablet Size Matches Your Work Pants", which is generally a good idea.

      yes, yes it is.

        That's why Samsung Galaxy Tab 7" is the perfect fit for office life - it fits perfectly inside my pants front and back pocket!

        Yeah - try to kiss my ass ipad?

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