ALDI Discount Android Tablet: Would You Buy It?

ALDI Discount Android Tablet: Would You Buy It?

Tomorrow’s ALDI special buy is a $249 Bauhn Android tablet. It has a 9.7 inch screen, 16GB of memory, a 2MP camera and runs Android 4.0. That gives it slightly beefier specs than the current Android tablet of choice, the Nexus 7. Does a bigger screen and more memory trump Android 4.1?

I much prefer a 7-inch form factor for tablets, so if I had $249 to spend, I’d be more inclined towards the Nexus 7. However, I suspect plenty of people will like the sound of this. If you’re keen, get to ALDI promptly at 8:30am — at that price, it is likely to sell quickly.

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    • If it’s available across the world, surely it should attract developer’s attention. If you can’t wait for 4.1, learn to develop and port it from other devices.

  • Quite misleading to say it has “beefier specs” than a Nexus 7. Did you not do any research at all?

    Plenty of other sites are reporting that it actually runs a single core CPU, not the dual core chip advertised, and certainly not competitive when you put it up against the quad core in the Nexus.

    • I was referring to the screen size, memory and camera. More to specs than the processor. If turns out not to be dual core (which is what the advertising claims), the ACCC will undoubtedly take an interest.

      • Angus, this happened with their tablet last year
        aldi advertised a dual core, but it wasn’t it was 1 CPU + 1 GPU.
        This time I believe it is a real dual core.
        PS: ACCC didnt do anything last time.

        • i bought this tablet last time ALDI sold it a few months ago.

          it’s a SINGLE-CORE processor, and many decried ALDI’s false advertising, despite ALDI claiming “we just copied the specs from BAUHN’s website”.

          ALDI had plenty of complaints last time of limited stock, and the incorrect specs issue. seems they are wanting similar complaints this time around as they haven’t changed the spec-sheet even though they know it’s wrong.

          it’s sluggish for a tablet running Android 4.0, (also, it has a strange UBUNTU kernel, as well as NOT being 100% compatible with everything on the Google PLay store, although yo ucan sometimes get around the issue with side-loading the APK for the apps) but it’s great for a first time user or a simple infrequent device.

          i use it in the kitchen mounted on the wall and to speakers 🙂

          unfortunately, since the Nexus 7 came out, this tablet is no waaaay overpriced.

          also, you may not consider “processor” as “specs” but this tablet has much slower RAM compared to the Nexus 7’s, so altogether this is a single-core processor connected to slower RAM which makes up for a very sluggish experience if you compared it to a decent dual or quad-core device.

          this time i can’t recommend the tablet at this price when there are MUCH better alternatives around.

          • @p3ngwin
            I was wondering where did you get the information about it having only one core? The thing is utterly unusable crashes reguarly and glitchy as hell. I’d like to know so i can try to return it as it was falsely advertised.

          • Actually I wouldn’t be so quick to assume it’s Single Core this time. The CPU model number provided is dual-core and it’s faster than before. Certainly makes it seem like they upgraded it – it’s not the same tablet as before.

      • While I agree that there is more to specifications than the processor, I feel that it’s a pretty important detail to omit. Also given that the Nexus 7 has the option for 16GB, I feel that the only real advantages of the Bauhn (sounds like a shaving device) are the larger screen – which we don’t know of what quality/resolution – and the price.

  • I bought this on its previous offering in about mid July and it was so disappointing that I returned it back to them in less than 2 weeks. After the first week it started to get locked in something like twice a day and I was made to hard-reset it in order to get it back up!

    You have access to the Google Play but not all applications are compatible with it so it prevents you from installing it!!! overall although Nexus 7 is about 3 inches smaller but it thousand time better and more worth it buy that for $50 less!!

  • This in no way compares to the Nexus 7.

    What I have heard is that they count the graphics processor as one core…?? Also the screen is second rate. Sheesh! How do these reviewers get their jobs.
    For $249 get yourself a Nexus7. However their 16gB will set you back $320 with delivery… still a much better buy.
    We now have a Toshiba AT300 and a Nexus 7, both amazing machines (quad core) and both QUALITY build. I prefer the 7″ form factor, much easier to use and so much more portable. But typing on the 10.1 oskb is good.

  • Agree with Mehdi. I also bought one in July. It wouldn’t play You Tube clips and then when I deleted the app and tried to reinstall it said the App was not compatible with this version of Android software. The entire unit was sluggish as well (especially when compared to the iPad) so I returned it. If you’re considering this one, the fact that Aldi offers no (real) questions asked returns may be the best reason to buy it.

  • From the Bauhn website:

    CPU – Amlogic Cortex A9 8726-MX Dual Core Processor
    Processor – 1.5GHz
    Operating system – Google Android 4.0
    Display – IPS 9.7″ 4:3, LCD panel
    Resolution – 1024 x 768 resolution
    Touch Screen – Capacitive Multi touch
    Battery life – Li-Polymer, (up to 6 hours)
    Internal Memory – 16 GB (expandable with micro SD memory card)
    Memory – DDR3 1GB
    WLAN / Wi-Fi – IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
    Bluetooth – 2.1
    UMTS / 3G – No
    G Sensor – Screen Rotation
    Cameras – Web Cam 0.3, 2.0 Megapixels rear camera
    Microphone – Internal Microphone
    USB 2.0 Input
    Headphone Jack – 3.5mm Stereo Output
    HDMI Output

    So spec-wise it looks similar to an iPad 2 but with double the RAM and a slightly faster CPU (Cortex A9 = Apple A5). Even with ICS, shouldn’t be too bad. Dunno if I’ll ever buy another tablet without 3G/4G though – very limited in purpose for me (bought a Touchpad in the firesale, barely used it – where there’s WiFi, there’s PCs).

  • Angus, never compare different format’s (Newb move), if it’s 9.7″ then compare it to an Galaxy tab or Asus Transformer Infinity, which is i’ts real competition as its closer to 10″ then 7″ and price is never the first consideration in comparisons its just the finisher.

    Down in the 7″ land, nothing at all is beating the nexus 7 at present, even the devices on the horizon, will still fall short, considering in the mod community they have Nexus 7 clocked up to 1.8ghz thanks to custom kernels like Trinity and Motley new devices have much ground to catch up on.

    Even Apple have hinted they are changing there screen ratio’s to 16:9, which means future devices in the apple idevice range will be coming hard at Android devices, because 7″ platform is pocketable, handbageable, and doesn’t require a backpack or a day bag to carry it around.

  • Bought the tablet today and I’m trying it out now. Performance seems reasonable but the wife reception is horrible. I’m struggling to get even one bar of wifi when using my phone has a hot spot, even though my phone is just 1m away. It isn’t even picking up the reception from my home wireless router, while my phone can get 2 bars of reception at the same spot

  • Bought one. Not too bad. Having the same issues as the first one though in regards to apps from play store. Couldn’t update youtube as digital signature used is incorrect. Have rooted the device, deleted youtube. Installed new youtube from the play store. Rebooted. Factory reset. And still can’t get youtube to work.
    Anyone know of a custom rom for this thing.?
    I think it would be ok with a decent rom as it seems to work ok just using it to browse the net, use email and such.

  • I bought the aldi tablet yesterday and have been using it nearly non stop and it has’nt missed a beat. Seems very fast for browsing the internet and battery life is excellent. I bought it mainly as an e reader and comic book reader which it handles excellently with the appropriate apps downloaded from the Google play store. I would rate this probably the best value tablet on the market at the moment.

  • I bought one last Sat, it works fine with Google Playstore. It admires that some app is NOT being 100% compatible and will check out YouTube. The another thing is the graphic processor is Not that good, the word can be blur somehow as enlarge original word size simply. The same applys on video size wile swap b/w horizonal and vertial, it seems cant be full screen then.

    However, rise an issue, there is a dark spot in LCD. Anyone have idea to solve it or return for a new one ?

  • Bought two of these and had trouble with one (121 error) until worked out how to clear data and do factory reset etc. Both seem pretty good, had none of the problems above except it doesn’t have a GPS in it which is a surprising pain for apps that require a locator signal thing,
    any ideas?

  • I have just bought the Bauhn tablet from Aldi (for $199) but don’t know how to connect to the internet. Technical stuff has no meaning to me! I connect my laptop to the internet with a Dodo USB stick but when I tried it in the Bauhn, the message was ‘out of range’. Would I be able to use a Telstra prepaid 3G USB stick or the Telstra prepaid 3G USB + Wi-Fi stick.

    HELP PLEASE!!!! Or should I return to Aldi??

  • I bought the new Bauhn 4241 from Aldi and couldn’t be happier. My two sisters who both own iPads agree that it’s equally as fast as theirs. It does have 3G and I bought a TPG sim cars (which uses Optus network – even though apparently TPG is owned by Telstra. I know they use Optus because I’ve been with them both on ADSL2+ and mobile and have had a number of unlocked new phones over that time and they all come up with Optus at the top of the screen where your network supplier is).

    I’ve had no trouble at all with wi fi, finding the range as good as my Compaq laptop, nor have I had any trouble with 3G and the tablets’ phone capability, though to be honest it was just a novelty anyway as I’m always going to have my phone with me over a 10″ tablet.

    I’d recommend them to anyone and no I’m not a novice to Tablet use having owned an iPad 3 as well as other brands and I can honestly say this is the best yet

  • In response to Gaz, once you log in to Google and the box comes up asking if it can use your current location you simply hit ok and no problems with any apps which use location. The latest model released on 23/02/2013 does in fact have built in GPS anyway – its written on the front of the box along with it’s other main features and on the specs page in the user guide.

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