Turn A Recliner Into The Ultimate Desk Chair

Turn A Recliner Into The Ultimate Desk Chair

Comfort is key when you’re spending long hours in front of the computer. Hack a La-Z-Boy (or other recliner) into a rolling desk chair, and your back might thank you.

At first I thought this hack was ridiculous (it certainly looks unconventional), but sitting reclined can be better for your back than sitting up straight. This study suggests sitting at a 135 degree angle puts less pressure on your spine.

Sam Prentice of MIT attached a piece of plywood with casters on it to the La-Z-Boy so it could function better as an office chair. He says:

Seriously though — – I’ve struggled with tingling limbs and back aches for years. I’ve tried standing desks, an array of chairs, keyboards, mice, wrist guards, stretches …

But this setup, a mildly reclined La-Z-Boy with a keyboard on my lap, has been the best arrangement for mitigating pesky RSI symptoms.

Bonus: Better naps at your desk.

My Desk Chair Is Better Than Yours: La-Z-Bro-gramming [#!/sam/prentice]