The Wine Crate Workspace

The Wine Crate Workspace

Flickr user Shawn McBee has a most unusual DIY desk. It's made up of 14 wooden wine crates and a matching door for the desk top.

All those crates are actually functional storage units too. Shawn says:

This desk is made of 14 Wine Crates (8 underneath for support, 6 on top for storage only) and a 24" wide Hollow-Core door purchased at Home Depot for $US22.

All 14 crates are used for storing items, 3 have a sliding door. The 4 non-visible crates in the back are for storing computer components, such as my Modem, router, NAS, etc.

Now I just need a decent chair. The one pictured is a $US10 chair from Ikea.

With the large windows for natural light and the subdued wall colour, this crazy workspace looks quite put together as a whole (pun not intended). You can see more shots of it in Shawn's photostream linked below.

Wine Crate Desk [Flickr]


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