Surprisingly Effective Workouts You Can Do With A Towel In 20 Minutes Or Less

Surprisingly Effective Workouts You Can Do With A Towel In 20 Minutes Or Less

As ridiculous as it sounds, I completely wore myself out this weekend by performing a series of exercises that I found on YouTube using a single medium-sized towel. If you’re looking for a simple exercise routine you can do almost anywhere, that requires very little time and basically no equipment, you’ll want to give this a try.

I’m always a little wary of online exercise suggestions and the hyperbolic claims that seem to inevitably come with the territory, so I’d long ignored the INSANE (yet simple) workout plans that promised everything short of world peace and true happiness with nothing but a towel. But like most people I’m wrong a lot, so I decided to get over my scepticism and try a few exercises/workout plans that require only you, a towel (or a t-shirt) and some serious stamina. I found that what seemed pretty ridiculous actually proved to be a very difficult and effective workout.

A Simple Starter Routine with Towel Resistance Exercises

Towel Sliding Exercises for Your Whole Body

Creating the need for balance is great for your core

Expanding Your Towel Routine

Those two videos are just a couple of examples of surprisingly effective ways you can work out with a towel, but there lots more. If you want to explore a few other options, check out these towel stretches (these too) and this 10-minute towel torture workout. Again, none of these exercises are particularly easy (if you do them correctly), but they don’t take very long and you can feel the muscles they worked immediately afterwards.

For more exercises you can do without equipment, check out our guide to getting fit with nothing but your body.


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