Get A Better Workout By Focusing On One Side Of Your Body At A Time

When we lift free weights, we like to take a weight in each hand to keep ourselves nice and balanced, but according to health and fitness site, this isn't an ideal strategy. An imbalance of weight can actually provide a better workout and exercise more than just the muscles you're currently targeting:

Photo by Dennis Owusu-Ansah (Shutterstock).

Since your core stabilises your body, creating instability means it has to work that much harder. That means you can work your abs without ever doing a crunch. Here's how: Load one side of your body. Hold a weight on one shoulder during a lunge, press just one dumbbell overhead during a shoulder press, or perform a standing, single-arm cable chest press.

(Note: Links to the exercise videos were added by us so you can learn how to do them if you're not already familiar.)

Pretty simple. That one little adjustment can help you get a lot more out of each exercise.

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    This is why split squats are so awesome.

      I thought I was the only one that loved Split Squats..well done sir!

    Rossco wins

    Get a better workout by using a goddamn barbell.

      ^^^ And no curling in the power rack. Or anywhere lese for that matter. And if your gym doesn't have chalk it's not a gym.

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