Would You Use Officeworks' School List Service?

We've already noted that back-to-school sales are a good opportunity to pick up cheap office stationery. If you're a parent actually picking up supplies for students and feel a bit pressed for time, Officeworks offers a service where you can drop off a list of requirements and have it assembled for pickup 48 hours later.

The service (which runs from mid-November through until the end of February) doesn't attract any additional charges. The obvious disadvantage of this approach is that you won't be able to shop around for the best prices on particular items.

You could do some comparison shopping online while assembling your list, but if you've done that then it would seem easier to actually place an online order (which you can then have delivered to a store or your home address). Anyone tempted?



    Last year, no. But this year our local school doesn't have a good deal going.

    usually i'd just buy all of them on the way home form work for my nieces (i stay with my sister's family)

    When my siblings where still at school the school would not allow parents to shop around for school supplies you had to purchase your supplies from the school. This was a public school; their reasoning was something about having all the students using the same equipment.

    Used it this year and last and appreciated not having to walk around with my kid to get everything. I think every schools list is slightly different so online ordering may not help. Dropped the list off at their desk and went back a couple of days later and it was ready. David

    Most WA Schools use Woodridges. The School gives you a code you enter that on the site which lists everything that year/ school wants. You pay and it gets delivered to the school or your home. Couldnt be easier.

    So NO wouldnt use Office works


      I used Wooldridges as well, it couldn't have been easier. Check it out www.wooldridges.com.au

    When I was a child we were supplied almost everything by the public school system until year seven.

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