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If you want to staple standard office paper into a booklet, you need a long arm stapler — standard desktop staplers are not long enough to staple the middle of a page. Specialised booklet staplers can cost $40 or more, but with some aluminium rectangular tubing, a hacksaw and a drill you can augment a bargain store stapler and give it much more reach.


Dear Lifehacker, I will be going into year 11 next year and I am wondering what the best way to stay organised is for senior school. The problem with individual exercise books for each subject is that I hate sticking in handout sheets so I just shove them in the back and usually lose them in the black depths of my bag. I have seen people with all their subjects in one binder, but if there is as much work next year as I have been led to believe, then it won't all fit (or at least it will be massive). So what is the best way to keep school work organised? Thanks, Stressed Student