Dealhacker: Get A Chomecast 2 For $44

Dealhacker: Get A Chomecast 2 For $44
Image: Google

Despite having been out for a few years, it’s hard to find a 2nd-gen Chromecast for cheap. Well, today’s the lowest we’ve seen it, the previous best being around $46. True, $44 isn’t that much cheaper, but $2 is $2.

You’ve got a choice of two vendors, with both Officeworks and Harvey Norman offering the Chromecast 2 for $44.

The difference comes when you tack on delivery — $7.95 for Harvey Norman and $5.95 for Officeworks. Of course, you could always just walk into your local and save yourself a couple of bucks.

Alternatively, if you’re desperate for stationery or a giant bag of gummy bears, Officeworks will drop the delivery fee if you spend $55 or over.

Chromecast 2 [Harvey Norman and Officeworks, via Ausdroid]

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