What Are Your Reasons For Working This Week?

It's an odd week to be working: Christmas and New Year are over, but lots of people aren't returning to work until January 9 at the earliest. But being in the office does have its benefits.

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It makes sense for me to be working; the Christmas break in the US is less important than Australia, so the Lifehacker team over there have been going full-tilt throughout most of that period, and there's been plenty to do. But that's an unusual case. If you're obliged to work right now, we're curious to know why:

Why are you working this week?

If we haven't covered your reasoning in the poll, tell us why you're at the desk (or the cash register) in the comments.


    My reason for being at the workplace this week.

    I have nothing better to do.

    taking leave in late Jan for my wife's birthday..

    plus: no pants

    I get paid more during this period.
    And i also have nothing better to do :)

    Government. Must work or take leave. Saving leave for when wife ejects new baby in the coming weeks.

    ^^ Reason

    I have work to do :(

    I'm here cause I have no choice, but I'd probably still be here if I did have a choice.
    1) My wife is at work cause she couldn't get time off
    2) Gotta love being paid to do nothing but surf the net all day cause there's not much happening!

      Much the same for me.
      FInished up a big project just before the break up for christmas. COming back management is not here so im left aimlessly meandering the internet and saving my leave for a big holiday next year.

    Well my reasons this year are different but usually it is the 3rd option and I take holidays in March/April/May when things are generally less busy and more affordable.

    This year, I am getting married at the end of January and then taking my honeymoon, for 3 weeks, at the start of February.. so my reason doesn't really fit :)

    I've got season 4 of Mad Men on my iPad.

    And no pants.

    Saving my leave for the birth of my second child in June. None of the above options applied to me, sadly, so I didn't vote


    I work at a University - officially it is open, but try finding any food let alone coffee on campus!! It's horrendous!!

      Same here. Although, my other issue is that I work in admin and we can't get much done because our academics are all still on leave. :D

    My work is closed til next week! w00t! I still have my business to run though, but since most of my clients are still closed for business as well, it's been pretty dead.

    I figured I had to go back eventually and that it would be easier to break back in to the work week by having a shorter first week

    I'm working because I like to get paid money! Most people work for this very reason. What a silly question. How about you ask, why are you taking this week off?

    Simple answer: I'm on a casual contract so not entitled for leave entitlements, and having having dumped a heap of money on Christmas, I can't afford not to be at work.

    2hr lunch breaks watching the cricket at the pub

    I work for a funeral home.... people dont stop dying for christmas.

    Why do employees work , when nobody is coerced to enter into an employment contract ?

    To keep food on the table and pay rent.

    it's amazing being around smart people :)
    nice and cool too

    Saving up my annual leave for the middle of the year holiday.

    I'm in IT. Everything is quiet and half the staff are on holiday, so I timed our big desktop refresh/win7 upgrade for now.

    By Monday, it'll be new computers for all with minimal downtime.

    I wanted to check out rumours that there would be loads of people without pants in the office

    I do shift work for a place that doesn't close. I also worked (voluntarily) Christmas day, boxing day and new years day.

    We had to reopen on the 3/1 to complete orders for the hardware stores that didn't close over this period, so I have no choice. I could have taken leave (I have over a month accumulated) but I didn't because it'd make things difficult. I'll take a week later on.

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