Consider Working From Home On Wednesdays Instead Of Fridays

Consider Working From Home On Wednesdays Instead Of Fridays

If you work from home for part of the week, you may be tempted to make Friday your telecommuting day. Shifting that day to Wednesday, though, can help break up the week (and make it more likely that your boss will let you telecommute).

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Fast Company explains one reason why:

When you work from home on Friday, people may believe you’re cutting out early for the weekend. They may be right. It’s human nature to start in on the errands, especially if you’re pretty sure everyone at the office is wasting time on Facebook. Asking for a “peak” day — Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday — shows that your request is about productivity. You’ll work more hours without the commute, and you’ll get more done without distractions. It’s not about scoring a long weekend.

Check the link for other reasons to work from home mid-week instead of Fridays.

Why You Should Be Working From Home Today [Fast Company]


  • Fridays at work are always fun because morale is up and most people seem to be a lot more relaxed and approachable. Why miss out on the best workday of every week? This is the reason I always pick Tuesdays or Wednesdays to work from home, which seems to be when everyone is a bit more high-strung.

    • This is how I think of the week.

      Monday you have renewed energy and determination, which runs out sometime around 3pm. Congratulations, you used your entire week’s supply of energy and determination.

      Tuesday is a nothing day. It is the worst day. That dream you had that Monday came and you were working again instead of enjoying the weekend? It was not a dream and you now have practically an entire fucking week to get through and not even the energy of Monday, whose night you wasted having fun in denial instead of sleeping properly.

      Wednesday is not as bad as Tuesday, because reality is settling in. It’s ‘hump’ day, and you can lie to yourself that you’re halfway there, maybe even close to the weekend than not. That’s a NICE lie. I like that lie.

      Thursday is ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ day. You know Friday’s pretty much a write-off at work, and the evening you’ll be in party/relaxation mode instead of full of ‘school night’ discipline, so it’s kind of the ‘last day’ you have to be stressed about.

      FRIDAY! Thank God it’s Friday! Practically part of the weekend itself, it just sucks that you have to be here. Still, you can probably knock off a little early and it’ll be expected/normal, and everyone’s pretty chill and thinking about their hours-away imminent weekend.

      Saturday. There was a Saturday? I don’t remember a godamn thing except a vague sense of contentment. I think I played video games? I may have got drunk. God that went quick.

      Sunday midday to afternoon… Lingering dread. ‘This too shall pass’ applies to all the good things. No time to start anything because you won’t be able to finish, and you can’t stay up late or you’ll pay for it on Monday… Sunday is the dread of twilight. Sunday evening is the worst.

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