Don’t Send Email This Week

Don’t Send Email This Week

Etching by James Gillray

Everyone made fun of the performative pep talk from that Ticketmaster bro who thinks working the holidays turns you into Usain Bolt, but he got one thing right: Most people, even if they’re back in the office, aren’t working hard between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

The rest of Nathan Hubbard’s tweet is a jumbled metaphor and a bad lesson. So unless you too are hard at work finding new ways to charge concert-goers an extra 3.8%, don’t listen to that dude. Instead, listen to writer and former Ebony editor Jamilah Lemieux:

Don’t email people this week unless you have to. This isn’t about being nice, it’s about being effective. Unless your email is the very most important thing arriving in someone’s inbox, they aren’t going to bother with it until later, and maybe never.

You can go ahead and write your emails. Draft all you like! And you can use Boomerang or Streak to schedule things to automatically send next week. Do all the work you want this week. Just don’t be surprised when no one else does.


  • I disagree in a climate with little work those tht are relunctant to reply are unawre of the climate of unemployment.
    Hence after 6 months of no work, I have a fill position over Christmas where I will do nothing but send emails and following up despite recieving no replies. And if Im here longer then when those uinaswered come to light in Feb they will know thine wrath for their laziness.

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