Hide A HDD Under Your Desk With Velcro

An external hard drive can be the bane of a clear workspace because it needs to be plugged in, but still portable when needed. Over at Apartment Therapy, writer Kevin Whipps outlines the ways he tucks his hard drive away. This includes mounting it to the bottom of the desk with Velcro.

With a few strips of industrial-strength Velcro you can mount the hard drive underneath the desk so it's not an eyesore, yet still easy to grab and take with you. In theory, this could be applied to any of your lesser-used hardware. For instance, if you only take out the drawing tablet once a week, mounting it with Velcro beneath the desk is a good way to keep it tucked away. The same goes for any other drives, accessories, or cables.

Clear Your Desk Space By Hiding Your Hard Drives [Apartment Therapy]


    until you knock it off with your knees...

    I have one on the back of the tv at work, we play concerts etc. much cheaper than foxtel.

    I use the same idea to put a Time Machine HDD on the back of mt Mac. Safe from Knees

    I just velcro all my belongings to the roof, it saves tonnes of space when you're not using them.

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